Work in Progress is a multidisciplinary design studio with a contemporary view of the world which works collectively across creative agencies and fields. This enables us to collaborate with some of the most talented people, among them being photographers, filmmakers, writers, artists, illustrators and service and product designers. Cooperating across disciplines makes our work an appropriate, versatile and functional response to the needs of our clients.

We create effective and captivating design solutions based on conceptual thinking, great attention to detail and high levels of craft and finishing. We believe that it is good concepts that dictate form, and these can translate into any media. Our work and style is therefore as varied as our clients, covering all aspects from Brand Strategy and positioning, identity, art direction, digital media, through to packaging, signage and print. It is designed to function across all applications – digital, analogue and environmental. The inspiration we gain from our self-initiated projects flows over to our commissioned work.

Work in Progress is founded and run by designers. We work for clients who value creative, practical ideas and appreciate working directly with the designers. We create engaging visual communication solutions that consist of layers of information. Some are very direct, some are more hidden, some have cultural references and codes. These layers of ideas keep the viewer engaged and give our clients a brand that is coherent and in constant progression. Ours are works in progress that always meet their deadlines.

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Work in Progress
Akersbakken 12
0172 Oslo, Norway
(+47) 92 09 45 73


Diploma at Visuelt for Maaemo
Gold at Visuelt for Daniel Franck brand book
Diploma at Visuelt for Daniel Franck identity
Silver at Årets Vakreste Bøker for Daniel Franck brand book
Gold at Visuelt for the book “Unto Dust...”
Diploma at Årets Vakreste Bøker for the book “Unto Dust...”
Diploma for Aasenløkka prospectus
Silver at Visuelt for Universal Sound identity
Silver at Visuelt for webdesign for
Norwegian Design Council, The honours award for design excellence at Merket for god design, promotional material and stamps for Norwegian Post Philatelic Service
Silver at Visuelt for Norwegian Agricultural Authority signage
Gold at Gullkalven for Norwegian broadcasting animation