Posted 25. April , 2012

Maaemo awarded for Design Excellence

The Award for Design Excellence is a leading award for design in Norway and is given to both manufacturers and designers who have cooperated on the development of products.
The award is granted in recognition of the successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication. Maaemo recived The Award for Design Excellence from The Norwegian Design Council in two categories: Visual communication and The Environmental Award. The Environment Award is presented to the company and the designer that has developed a product or a solution that can demonstrate material environmentally-friendly properties in a lifecycle perspective. This means that due regard has been taken to environmental aspects in all phases of the design process. Only one Environmental Award is presented each year.
We are very proud!

Work in Progress awarded for Design Excellence

Posted 17. March , 2012

Maaemo received two stars from the Michelin Guide

Maaemo is the first Nordic restaurant to enter the guide with two stars on the first try. Two stars means the restaurant offers “exceptional cuisine, worth a detour.”

When it opened at Grønland in Oslo in late 2010, Maaemo was first restaurant in Norway where all the food is made from only organic and natural ingredients.

Posted 3. March , 2012

The Apartment at Pecha Kucha night in Oslo

We were so lucky to be asked to present The Apartment at Pecha Kucha Night in Oslo on the 1st of March. 20 slides in 20 seconds flew by. We talked about the tree previous exhibitions, and the upcoming with Knut Bry. Let’s hope it was enjoyable for the audience.

The Apartment at Pecha Kucha Night in Oslo

The Apartment at Pecha Kucha Night in Oslo

Posted 7. February , 2012


Maaemo has received the gold award at HSMAI for printed matters.

Posted 9. January , 2012

Ledige plasser i studiofellesskap. Oslos flotteste lokaler!

Det er 2 kontorplasser ledig der du deler lokale på 50 kvadratmeter med 2 designere og en gründer innenfor økologi. Studiofellesskapet er nabo med 0047 OSLO, et internasjonalt orientert visningssted for kunst og arkitektur ( Hele bygget består av ulike kreative foretak som skaper et dynamisk og tverrfaglig miljø hvor nye koplinger og synergier oppstår. Lokalene ligger sentralt på Grønland, Schweigaardsgate 34, i 2.etasje i et gammelt industrilokale. Det er over 4 meter takhøyde og med store vinduer som gir meget gode lysforhold. Leie av plass inkluderer tilgang til et stort, flott møte- og lunsjrom, moderne kjøkken, toalettfasiliteter, printer/skanner, bredbånd samt vask av lokalet. Plass i kontorfelleskap er kr. 3000 eks. mva. per person per måned.
Ta kontakt med: Torgeir Hjetland,
T: 92094573, e-post:
Mads Ottdal, T:48287553, e-post:
Nicolai Sørensen, T:99494848, e-post:



Lokalet er i 2.etasje i et gammelt industrilokale


Plassene er i studio IV

Posted 17. November , 2011

Review of Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin

The work done for restaurant Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin got a very nice review by Richard Baird at BP&O blog on branding and packaging from around the world. So humbling.

Read the post

Posted 13. September , 2011


Work in Progress is going to Svalbard on Friday for a photo shoot for an upcoming book on polar bears with WWF and photographer Marcel Leliënhof.

Posted 28. August , 2011

Book and exhibition for WWF

We are happy to announce that Work in Progress is designing a book in cooperation with Magikon Publishing Company in Norway. The book is to be part of WWF’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It will present a large number of representations of the polar bear, documenting its place in our culture, our communication and our everyday life. A Facebook web page called ‘The Last Polar Bear’ has been set up as part of the project where everyone can upload images of the polar bear. This site will also carry information, invitations and the latest news. The book will be distributed internationally, and there will be an exhibition of the visuals from the book in Oslo.

Posted 27. August , 2011

The Bible has arrived

The only true bible has arrived! It is FontFont’s book on, yes you guessed right, fonts. It is a great tool. Thanks to Erik Spikermann and FontFont!

Posted 26. August , 2011

In need of an office

We are currently looking for office space in Oslo. Please e-mail us if you know an office space in the city centre that can accommodate 5 people.

Posted 25. August , 2011

It is a Work in Progress

…but our web page is finally up and running. Many thanks to Knut Skåla for CSS and David Hill for proof reading.