Rom 13

“Rom 13” (Room 13) is a book portraying both celebrities and former criminals, who tell a story about one important choice that changed their lives. The book is a collaboration between the Norwegian Red Cross and The Thief, a brand new hotel situated at Tjuvholmen. The aria where the hotel is situated was a place where criminals and prostitutes were hanged. Work in Progress edited the book, as well as providing concept, art direction and design work.

All photos are taken by Marcel Leliënhof in the same small hotel room of 30 square meters. Photographs for the book were also exhibited at an old harbour warehouse, Skur 13 (shed 13). Money from sales of the book and the exhibition will go directly to an organisation within the Red Cross which helps former criminals back in to everyday life. Many thanks to project manager at The Thief, Siri Løining, for helping to realize the project.

Close-up of title typography, custom made for the project. It illustrates the title (Norwegian “rom” meaning “room” in English) with a geometric construction, similar to the architecture of the warehouse in which it is displayed. Printed in metallic with embossing.

Portrait of actress Elsa Lystad from the National Theatre in Norway.

Spread on lawyer Geir Lippestad. The illustration is focusing on his glasses. The illusion is made complete using spot varnish (see close-up underneath).

Portraying artist Magne Furuholmen, former member of pop group A-HA.

Artwork by Magne Furuholmen

Spreads on Norwegian singer and artist, Samsaya.

Close-up of Samsaya’s set list

Spread on former politician Arne Treholt, who in 1984 was convicted for espionage and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He is now a free man, and has always claimed he was partly framed by the Norwegian government. The illustration is showing him either as a villain or a hero, depending on the viewer’s interpretation. Illustration by Frode Skaren.

Spread with a photo collage showing the duality in Arne Treholt

Typographic illustration of a quote on depression being “a black hole that could suck you in”

Close-up of a typographic illustration of a woman telling her story of her rapist strangling her

Close-up of spread about actor Axel Hennie, telling his story of being banned from the graffiti scene.

Spread on rock singer Ida Maria suffering from depression and exhaustion from constant touring. Illustration by Frode Skaren

Portait of profesional boxer Cecilia Brækhus. All portfolio photos of the book is taken by Mathias Fossum.