Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin

Identity, branding, graphic design, illustration/art and environmental design for a seafood restaurant in Oslo, Norway. It is situated at Tjuvholmen, a waterfront area in central Oslo. The speciality of the restaurant is grilled seafood. The wood-fire grill burns at a constant temperature, with the wood giving a tender, smoked flavour. The restaurant owner is Fursetgruppen, a prosperous and well-established restaurant group in Oslo under constant development. Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin is divided into several areas, so that each department operates individually. The restaurant consists of the main restaurant, the Seafood bar, the Chambre Separée, the Mezzanine, the Fish Deli and the Conference Center. The work is done while at Uniform strategic design and in cooperation with interior designers at Radius Design.

The logo is made with wavy typography, resembling the sea. The branding and name where established in cooperation
with Jon-Frede Engdal.

Outdoor signage in teak wood with burned logo. Dimensions: 60 x 120 cm.

White foil on glass door with symbol and opening hours. The symbol is a play on the mathematical symbol ‘approximately equal to’.
The restaurant is claiming the area by saying that Sjømagasinet, ‘S’, is approximately equal to Tjuvholmen, ‘T’.

Sculpture in restaurant. The illustrations made for the restaurant are based on myths of the sea and imaginary creatures.
The sculpture is resembling a gigantic sea shell with fish fins and acorn shell. Dimensions: 150 x 140 cm.

Production details: Machine cut polyurethane foam. Hand carved surface in plaster, painted with acrylic paint. High gloss coating.
The sculpture is made with great help from artist Jan T. Rafdal and product designers Hugo.

Close up of sculpture

Inside the restaurant is a Fish Deli. The shop and the restaurant are separated by a glass door. We had some fun with white foil
on the glass, creating a fish shape when open and a complete symbol when closed.

Packaging for Fish Deli, made in cooperation with designer Jolene De Mendonca at Uniform.

Sealing tape for Fish Deli

Symbol on grilled fish

Chopping board with branded symbol

Cork coaster with symbol

Branding iron of symbol used on interiors (driftwood). The technique refers to one of the main elements of the restaurant, the grill.

Restaurant menu and wine list

Close up of menu in cherry wood. Laser engraved illustration with burned finish.

Wine list in black leather with laser engraved logo and illustration.

Bill presenter in cherry wood. Laser engraved logo, illustration and ‘Takk for besøket’ (thank you for visiting) with burned finish.

Bill with stamped symbol

Presentation folder for cooking classes. Multi-level embossing of sea shell.

Business card with cardholder name set in morse code. All written elements of the design are also set in morse code, for the amusement of old seamen.

Preprinted sheets in A3, A4 and A5 for use as menus, invitations and more. The paper is reprinted on a black and white printer.

Close-up of multi-level embossing

Directional signage in acrylic with high polished steel plate and silver foil lettering. Laser engraved illustration.


Silver foil of symbol on glass door to wine cellar

Signage on glass toilet door. Purple foil with cut out square for signage. Signage in acrylic with high polished steel plate,
silver foil lettering and morse. Laser engraved illustration on the back, wich gives it an extra ‘dimension’ of depth.

Close-up of signage

Signage on door to room for conference and cooking classes

Fantasy jellyfish with bird feathers printed on aluminium panels. The panels are used for dividing the kitchen
and the conference area.

Printed illustrations on aluminium panels

Painting in conference and cooking class room. Illustration of imaginary creatures from the sea. Motive printed on plywood with
carved and hand-painted details in acrylic paint. Made in cooperation with artist Jan T. Rafdal.

Close-up of painting