The Apartment

The Apartment is a gallery always on the move. It occupies abandoned spaces, showcasing artists from Norway and abroad with
photography as their principle form of expression. The gallery is run by photographers Massimo Leardini, Marcel Leliënhof
and Torgeir Hjetland.


Work in Progress provides art direction, branding, exhibition design and graphic design for The Apartment, and it is always great fun. We hope it shows in the work done.

The design of the identity plays on the name (The Apartment) with visual references to house numbering. The exhibition number
is displayed in the logo, changing the look for every show.

Stationery: The identity is hopefully showing our love for photography. The paper is only 70 grams, and the black, solid colour
on the back gives the front some colour, as the paper is partially translucent.

The business cards are made of black and white card glued together.

Contract and letterhead

Detail of letterhead. The cotton paper gives the paper a tactile appearance.

Flyer with information about opening hours, prizes etc.

Detail of flyer

Pencil with nostalgic camera

Web design