The Apartment 02

The Apartment 02 featured photography of Vivian Maier. Work in Progress did the identity for the show, art direction and
exhibition design, alongside friends and companions Massimo Leardini and Marcel Leliënhof.


Vivian Maier was an American amateur street photographer who was born in New York but grew up in France. After returning to the U.S. she worked for about forty years as a nanny in Chicago. During those years she took about 100,000 photographs, primarily of people
and cityscapes. Most of the photos were taken in Chicago, although she traveled and photographed worldwide. Her photographs remained unknown and mostly undeveloped until they were discovered by a local historian, John Maloof, in 2007. Following Maier’s death her work began to receive critical acclaim. Her photographs have appeared in newspapers in Italy, Argentina, and England, and have been exhibited alongside other artists’ work in Denmark and Norway.


The Apartment was the first to exhibit Vivian´s work outside Chicago. The exhibition was held at Bryggegangen 4, Tjuvholmen Oslo, Norway. Many thanks to John Maloof for lending us the photographs.

Logo for exhibition number 2. White, mat foil mounted on glass.

Opening night