The Apartment 03

The Apartment exhibited in an apartment, finally bringing the concept together. We were so lucky to show the project Máze from French photographer Céline Clanet. Her work deals with human territory, memory and identity issues. Máze is a small Sámi village in Norwegian Lapland. The series, “Maze”, contains sincere photographs of the people, the landscape, and the emotions of the Artic.

Logo for exhibition number 3. White, mat foil mounted on glass outside entrance to flat at Sjøgangen 2, Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway.

Close up of logo. The typography is based on bone carvings from Inuit artists and their signatures.

Pictures from the grand opening on the 12th floor.

Céline in conversation with photographer Lars Botten and a representative who came all the way from the Máze village.

Dog guarding the beer on the porch for the opening night.

Black foil at entrance on the 12th floor, and close up of catalogue.