Swag skateboards

Graphics for Swag skateboards, both deck and wheels. Three different designs where produced for Swags line of boards for beginners

From left to right: “So fucking square”, “Wooden S” and “Diamond in the rough”.

“Wooden S” (“S” for Swag)

“So fucking square”. Hidden in the design is the letters, from top to bottom, “S” (purple colour), “W” (blue colour),
“A” (dark green colour) and “G” (bright green colour). Part of the Canadian maple deck is revealed inside the square pattern.

“Diamond in the rough” with a one off logo for Swag. The graphic is playing on the scratches you will get from skating.

“Wooden S” dismantled

“So fucking square” dismantled

“Diamond in the rough” dismantled

Close up of “Wooden S”

Close up of tale of “Wooden S”

Wheel graphics for “Wooden S”

Close up of “So fucking square”

Wheel graphics for “So fucking square”

Close up of “Diamond in the rough”

Wheel graphics for “Diamond in the rough”. Many thanks to pro skater Marcus Shaw and Monica Kvaale for photography