DN: Wine book

Editorial design and illustration for newspaper Dagens Næringsliv’s (DN) annual book on wines: “Vinens vinnere”. The book is a collection of the newspaper’s reviews during the year.  The work is done while at Making Waves.

The cover is made to resemble wine packaging, with the title set as a label and printed on cardboard.


The images are designed with misregistration to resemble glass rings left on the table from spilt wine.

The coloured paper is similar to newsprint, a salmon colour.

The title is placed within an area defined by a white space. The typography is depicted as a sticky label, which is why the angle and position varies throughout the book.

Quotes from wine lovers and experts are made to look like scribbles on wet serviettes.

The two images above show two following pages in a book, playing on the reader’s experience of turning the pages: The bottle changes from half-full to empty.

Spread with illustrations of different wine glasses

The icons on the back cover complete the illusion of wine packaging.