The Norwegian Design Council: Design Effect

Identity, branding, graphic design and product design for Design Effect, a new award from The Norwegian Design Council established
in 2009. The award is the first of its kind in Norway. Design Effect recognise projects which demonstrate design’s tangible impact
on a client’s business. The award will go to design projects that present proof beyond doubt that the client’s business problem
was solved by the design solution. Work done while at Uniform strategic design.

Invitation for designers as direct mail: Front & back

Invitation with pop-up

At the right angle, an “E” for Effect appears. The triangular shapes are based on the existing logo of the Norwegian Design Council.
The shapes also refers to established symbols of growth, such as graphs as charts.

Detail of the trophy with logo. The logo is created to be a part of the Norwegian Design Council brand hierarchy. The symbol refers to visualisation of statistics and illustrations of market shares.

Trophy for the Design Efficiency award, made in plexicore with acrylic triangles, red foil and white silk screened lettering.
The trophy is displaying a hidden E when rotated at a given angle. The main shape is based on the existing symbol of
the Norwegian Design council. Dimensions: 24 x 25 x 5 cm. The design of the trophy was made in collaboration with Stein Olav Pettersen while at Uniform.

Detail of trophy. The trophy is made in collaboration with product designers Hugo.

Detail of trophy. The trophy is made to work either vertically attached to a wall or as a table piece.

Cover of brochure. The brochure is a showcase of the winners of the award.

Close-up of cover

Spread from brochure. A pie chart is displaying the different sections of content. The award is based on a very precise rating system, in order to measure the effect of design projects. The illustration and visual language of the brochure referes to general business visualisation of profitability, sales/market penetration, distribution and market share, through pie charts and diagrams.

Close-up of spread, with quote on “the big figures” set in BIG type.

Close-up of a pie chart showing the amount of applicants for the award in relation to the amount of winners.

Close-up of spread

Spreads from brochure. All pie charts and diagrams relate to the product that has been awarded.

Close-up of spread with page numbering. The page numbers are accompanied by an illustration indicating the amount of spreads read.

Spreads from brochure